Seriously: Go and Get Maternity Pictures – You Won’t Believe This

So I’m having maternity pictures done professionally… I’m not photogenic. I’ve never had pregnancy portraits done before. I can’t believe what happened…. Here’s how it went down:

Today is the day! I’m having my maternity pictures done in Lewiston, Idaho (the closest city to my tiny town, 72 miles away) by who I consider to be THE best maternity photographer in a 100 mile radius – Dusty Bly.

First thoughts on talking to Dusty: She has a toddler; male… I like her already because I, like a soldier in the Army, can spot a fellow comrade in the trenches when i see one. We’ve messaged back and forth quite  a few times – I am impressed with how well she described her creative ideas for the maternity photo shoot to me and told me EXACTLY what I needed to bring – as a mom, I appreciate someone else doing the thinking for me. She is warm and friendly (she even likes Beyonce!): I want to drink wine with her.

How I’m Feeling Before The Shoot: I am nervous. I’m not photogenic at all. I keep having flashbacks to my high school senior pictures where every shot looked like it had been captured mid-sneeze.  I just want a photographer to work my angles (especially my pregnant ones). And Photoshop? YES PLEASE! My belly stretch marks? Edit those out. Pretend they don’t even exist. – Will i look, dare I say, pretty?? I hope so. If anyone could make this beach ball look stunning, I know its Dusty Bly. How will my maternity pictures turn out? Stay tuned

My first pregnancy we decided to forgo maternity pics and you know what? I paid for it dearly – Before I show you this embarrassment, let me describe the last picture ever taken of me pregnant with Mason: I am wearing an extra large hospital gown and I am stuffing french fried potatoes into my mouth, mid-contraction, while the nurse wasn’t looking.. (The whole “you can’t eat during labor” thing is BS, I think)  So all in all, i look like a hospitalized squirrel saving up food for the winter… It’s bad guys.. Like – REALLY BAD – just preparing you….


 . >>


See? I’m stalling. Ok phew, here it is:


Ta Da! See? I wasn’t joking. Also: you’re welcome.

This is a public service announcement: Really: get professional maternity pictures done. Don’t let ^^ this be you. Learn from my mistake.


How I’m feeling After The Photo Shoot:

SO…. I’m home from Lewiston and I’m ecstatic about how it went! Dusty made me feel so comfortable. She gave me direction and told me exactly how to pose  to highlight my pregnant figure and ensure that I was glowing like Beyonce. When she took pictures, she got the shot quickly – something I super appreciated as it was hard to hold a smile when baby Jax was kicking my freaking cervix (ah, the joys of a breech baby)

So all in all it went better than I ever could have imagined and I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW MY MATERNITY PICTURES TURNED OUT!!

Pregnancy is a….weird time. The book What To Expect – LIED to me.  The book said that morning sickness would end after the first trimester, (ha!) It also promised me I would glow (they never mentioned it would be because I was covered in sweat.) I don’t feel glowing – I feel frumpy, large and NOT in charge.

But what the book didn’t (and couldn’t)  tell me was this: that I would look forward to the days we had ultrasounds scheduled like they were Christmas. That seeing my baby would send all kinds of love flutters through my heart and that I would tear up thinking of the precious first words I would ever say to this miraculous person I’m growing.

What else didn’t this fictional book tell the pregnant masses? That believe it or not, we will want photographic evidence of this time (and we will want it to be done professionally – do I need to bring up my squirrel picture again?) You may not feel like a glowing goddess right now but believe me: with the magic of photography and photoshop you can certainly be made to look like one!

Some words of wisdom from a veteran mommy: You WILL forget the aches and pains of pregnancy, you WILL forget how slowly those 9 months crept by and how you really wanted a glass of champagne (which you’ll get soon enough, mama) but you won’t forget the love you felt for that tiny baby snuggled up in your tummy. I’m telling you right now: to capture that love in a picture – is priceless. As a mom, you will spend enough time behind the camera capturing your child’s beautiful life. But don’t forget – you are a huge part of that beauty; you literally created it, after all. Don’t cut yourself out of those memories.

Here are the pictures Dusty has sent me from my maternity photo shoot (she got them edited super quickly too – total pro!)


For the first time in my 2 pregnancies – I look like the book said I would: glowing. My belly is somehow front and center but so am I. FINALLY I have a picture of me pregnant that I want my kids to see someday. They won’t see all the nausea, and heartburn that went into making them – but they will see the pure joy and happiness on their mom’s face. Seeing these pictures my kids will know without, a doubt, how much I loved them before I even met them. That is worth the money right there. (Which while we’re on the subject – Dusty is super affordable – think  $200-$350 range)

I have 30 days left in this pregnancy. I thought they would go by slowly. I pictured an exhausted me, mundanely waddling around the house, chasing a toddler. But now – I look at these maternity pictures and I’m so excited for this time and to meet my baby Jax. Seeing photographic evidence of how close I am to the finish line is giving me motivation and excitement for what’s to come.

So yes, I’m still a little tired. Yes, I’m still kind of waddling around but damn! Do I feel that Christmas morning excitement to meet my baby. This was the little push I needed to make it through the last month of pregnancy. I’ll be forever grateful to my wonderful photographer Dusty Bly for capturing my glow.

❤ Bless.

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