The RIGHT Way To Discipline Your Child

We have a toddler. True to his species, he is: unpredictable, adorable, stubborn and wild.

Observe the young male in his natural habitat – the time out corner…

Unbeknownst to the adolescent male, he will spend most of his time here until he reaches maturity.

To cope with her cub’s willfulness, his mother will be forced to come up with creative punishments and jokes that the young cub will not appreciate until he enters therapy at a much later age.

In the instance we are about to show you, the frustrated mother has renamed the Timeout Corner to avoid losing her mind on a particularly rough day with the young cub.

Lets look in….


The Timeout Corner – take it up with the Complaint Department

The cub’s mother will now have a glass of wine to protect both she and her cub from themselves. The pair will live to fight another battle.

Fascinating… Truly Fascinating.


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